You Come First. Always.

Micro Endodontics is committed to your health & comfort

The Bottom Line: We Care

When your dentist made the decision to refer you to Micro Endodontics, your dentist was showing their concern that you receive the finest Endodontic care possible.  Micro Endodontics was born from a phrase Dr. Abrass has used in conversation since he was a resident at the University of Pennsylvania:

“You cannot treat what you cannot see.” 

Of course, he was referring to the accuracy and integrity of the tools in which Endodontists are tasked to utilize in performing a highly detailed and specialized treatment procedure. Thankfully, technology, along with new methods and processes for precise engineering and manufacturing, propelled scientific research and the healthcare industry into the stratosphere.

As an early adapter and strong supporter of integrating highly advanced instrumentation into Endodontic treatment, Dr. Abrass formed Micro Endodontics to satisfy a set of needs he believed were missing from the industry—

  • Researching, acquiring and integrating the most advanced technology available and
  •  Utilizing this technology, along with a truly genuine commitment to treating patients as if they were a friend, colleague or family member—treating people, like people—rather than a number or weekly insurance ticket.

The result is an organization of professionals that utilize a set of core values developed around the two ideals mentioned above. From the moment you walk in the front doors, whether it be your first visit or you’re simply stopping by to say “hello”, you are treated with respect, compassion and kindness. Our practices are designed to foster interaction and open conversation, while also providing the level of privacy you would expect from any healthcare facility.

We Want to Listen…

We actually do. We want to hear about your concerns and care-related anxiety. We want to provide all of our patients with the information, data, and treatment-related knowledge available… there is no better feeling than that of comfort and confidence prior to undergoing a procedure that may be complex by definition, but infamously presented otherwise.